Steve Jobs Tribute


I miss you Steve.

We all miss you Steve.

Apple Computer Inc. will not be the same without you, of course.

Tim Cook and his team are working with a lot of passion, creativity and enthusiasm but the most important Hi-Tech Company of the World will never be the same.

I was young when you introduced the first iPod and I didn’t pay much attention ’cause I didn’t know anything about Apple and its products, but when I was sixteen I bought my first iPod Classic (it was a black one with 80 GB of memory) and my way of listening to music changed completely.

Two years later I sold my “old” iPod and I bought the “new” iPod touch (the 4 Gen) and I officially entered in the iOS world.

Some years later, when I started the third class in the upper-school I bought my first, wonderful and amazing iPhone 4.

The iPhone changed my way to understand and live the technology : amazing design, amazing apps and the most important thing : no problems.

Since the 2012 I was (unfortunately) still a Windows user but, on September 2011 I bought my first MacBook Pro.

Amazing, wonderful, lighter, with a stunning design and a fast Operating System.

Last Year I sold my iPhone 4 and I bought an iPhone 5 : another year with that great product.

This year I will not buy anything ’cause I have to save money for my first-alone-travel in NY, but I swear that I will in the Apple Store on the 5th avenue.

I will buy everything with an Apple logo (maybe not everything … but sure a new iPhone 5 cover !).

Every day of my life I try to put the human race forward, I try to love my work and make great things but it is not simple.

Everything in life is not simple but when you do  great work the other things don’t seem to matter.

Money, success, and glory is something that  great work can’t buy.

Thank Steve for everything that you have made.